Friday, October 12, 2012


The site name: Swagbucks

The Currency: Swag Bucks

Their Value: 1 Swagbuck = $0.01 for cash and gift cards.

Redemption Options: Paypal, Amazon gift cards, myriad other gift cards, merchandise.

Reliability: I have been paid consistently and on time.

Earning: Swag bucks can be earned by watching videos (max 75/day), playing games (max 10/day), using their search engine (search wins vary), and trading in old electronics, as well as the usual options.

Surveys: Yes, via Surveyhead.

Offerwalls: Trialpay, RadiumOne, Paymentwall, Superrewards, Peanutlabs, Sponsorpay

Cash Back Shopping: Yes.

Crowdflower Tasks: Yes

Bonuses: 4 Swagbucks daily via poll/toolbar/ad-click path, 2-30 Swagbucks free on occasion through redeemable "swag codes," bonuses for meeting daily earning goals, occasional random awards for social network posts.

Cashout Threshold: 450 Swagbucks (earns a $5 Amazon gift card)

Cashout Fees: None

Cashout Limits: 2 redemptions per day, limit of 5 $5 Amazon gift cards per month.

Referrals: Unlimited referrals. Referrals earn matching swag bucks from search wins ONLY up to a maximum of 1,000 Swagbucks. No invite necessary to join.

Tricks: Video and game rewards are both calculated by the amount of time the page is open without regard for whether it's interacted with or even whether the flash file actually loads. However, timed-refresh autoloaders are easily caught and the resulting account banned, and some rewards may require surprise CAPTCHAs so it's impossible to earn these swagbucks without some babysitting even if you don't actually watch/play.

PTC Recommendation: Excellent

Your host has earned $415 in Amazon gift cards and $150 cash from Swagbucks thus far.

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