Friday, October 12, 2012


The site name: InstaGC

The Currency: Points

Their Value: 1 InstaGC Point = $0.01

Redemption Options: Amazon gift cards, myriad other gift cards.

Reliability: I have not yet cashed out. Reliability will be updated once I attempt to cash out. Allegedly very reliable.

Earning: Offer walls, Tasks, limited shop & earn.

Surveys: No.

Offerwalls: Peanutlabs, RadiumOne, Virool, SuperRewards, Matomy, BLVD, Supersonic, native/proprietary.

Cash Back Shopping: Limited. Includes Amazon!

Crowdflower Tasks: Yes

Bonuses: Offer contests and referral contests, held weekly and monthly. Occasional bonus codes released. 1 free point per day used to be offered, this has now been discontinued. Occasional free Amazon gift code released outright; available to the first person to successfully claim it. 25 point bonus weekly for blog posts.

Cashout Threshold: 100 Points (earns a $1 Amazon gift card)

Cashout Fees: None

Cashout Limits: None, though some redemption options are occasionally out of stock.

Referrals: Unlimited referrals. 10 Points per referral, plus 10% of all referral earnings. No invite necessary to join.

Tricks: InstaGC's native offerwall does NOT have any means of manually crediting offers, and so SHOULD NOT BE USED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. Offers on any wall will only credit ~50% of the time at best; a manual credit option is required. Lately, the site tech has allegedly been implementing a manual credit option for the native offerwall, but this is currently unavailable.

PTC Recommendation: Good

Your host has earned $23 in Amazon gift cards from InstaGC thus far.

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