Sunday, November 4, 2012

I Bid 2 Save Update

I did a post about Ibid2save some time back in which I noted that they differ from most penny auction sites in that they hand out free "promo bids" like candy but charge auction fees that make their prizes near-worthless.

They've recently changed their site. Promo bids are now scarce (coupon codes are much more rare, you get 1 bid for each Facebook "like" instead of 10), and most auctions no longer come with overvalued promo bid awards that make their auction fees exorbitant.

Basically, I Bid 2 Save is now much more like a typical penny auction site.

So if you signed up months ago and stockpiled free promo bids, you may well walk off with as much as $100 for your trouble. Personally, I blew all of mine earning about $3 total profit on a gift card that hasn't even arrived yet.

Honestly, I've gotten more free money from InstaGC than from any lousy penny auction site.

Advertising disclaimer: I was paid 25 Points (25¢) by InstaGC for this post. I was not paid any money by Ibid2Save. Ibid2Save can have their server rooms flooded by Hurricane Sandy and die for all I care.

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